Available from Standard 1 to Standard Five and Forms 1 and 2

Our Full Time students present their projects

Sohan presents his Science experiment
Alyssa presents her project for Social Studies

Ashley B’s Learning Academy is truly an outstanding online school. We enrolled our son at the std 2 level and we are delighted with his development, especially reading. His teacher, Ms. Lennon create amazing relationships with all the kids and educate them in a creative, fun, loving and professional way. We consider them partners in helping us to raise well rounded human beings.

-Tisha Parent

Saidah Marie presents her career as a Disk Jocky for her Music Career Day
Zion's project on pollution and Saving our world


  • Why should I choose Ashley B’s Learning Academy for full time classes?

At Ashley B’s Learning Academy, we don’t just teach, we motivate and inspire.

  • Over the years, the Academy has achieved a 100% pass rate at the SEA and CSEC exams. Over the years all our students passed within their 1st three school choices.
  • Students benefit from highly qualified, tech savvy and well-trained teachers
  • All classes are affordable and students get access to our evening classes FREE of charge once enrolled.
  • Students benefit from extra-curricular activities like Art and Craft, Music and our signature Annual Mega Camp
  • Our teachers genuinely care about the best interest of their students resulting in them performing extremely well.

2. What are the days and times for the full-time classes?

For Standard 1 and 2- School is held Monday to Friday 8:30am-2pm at the school compound Chin Chin Road Cunupia. 

For Standard 3 to 4-  School is held on every Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8:30am-2pm online via zoom. On Wednesdays and Tuesdays physical classes are held at the school compound at Lot #10 Chin Chin Rd, Cunupia. 

For Standard 5- School is held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am-2pm at the school compound and Thursday and Friday online. 

For Forms 1-2 Class is held Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday 8:30-3pm at the school compound. Wednesdays and Fridays classes are held online.

Due to the small and intimate classroom setting, students receive individual attention and we will cover the ENTIRE syllabus. Additionally, all students receive FREE access to our evening classes once enrolled in the Academy.



 3. When can my child start?

The Academy does continuous enrollment. Students can start at anytime, however at the beginning of the new academic term is preferred.


4. What subjects will be covered? Will it be in accordance with the Curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education?

Yes! Students will be exposed to the following subjects, in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum.

Primary Subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Creative Writing
  • Music
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Vocabulary and
  • Spelling
  • Art and Craft
Secondary Subjects
  • Mathemathics
  • English A
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Art and Craft
  • Information Technology

From Form 3 students will be exposed to Biology, Chemistry, History, POB.

Standard 4s and 5s will focus mainly on SEA exam preparations, Math, English and Creative Writing. 

5. What is the school fee per term?

Ashley B’s Primary School Tuition:
Discounts are given if school fees are paid upfront at the beginning of the school year or school term.
1. Upfront school fee for academic school year – $9,900 per year
2. Upfront school fee per school term- $3450 per term
3. Monthly school fee- $1200 per month
Ashley B’s Secondary School Tuition:
1. Upfront school fee for academic year – $10800
2. Upfront school fee per school term- $4350
3. Monthly school fee- $1500 per month

6. What books are required for my child to start?

A booklist with the specific books will be provided when you sign up.


7. How can I transfer my child to Ashley B’s?

To transfer, from a public school to Ashley B’s, you’ll need to obtain the relevant transfer form from the MOE website and have it filled out and submitted to the school and Ministry of Education.

To transfer from a private school to Ashley B’s- no form is required. Parents are free to transfer from one private school to another.

See more information on the transfer process from the Ministry of Education’s website https://www.moe.gov.tt/student-transfers2021/


8. Will I see my child’s process throughout the term?

Yes, a mid-term report card and an end of term report card will be shared with parents every school term. Additionally, we maintain open dialogue between the teachers and parents throughout the term on their child’s progress to ensure maximum support and success of the students.


9. Are classes online only? 

The Academy adopts a hybrid approach to learning where students will be required to attend classes both online and face to face. The Academy is located at Chin Chin Road Cunupia.


10. Does Ashley B’s have extra curricula activities?

Yes, we offer Art and Craft as well as Music classes. Additionally for the July/August vacation we host an Annual Mega Camp for students where they are exposed to topics on entrepreneurship, science, music, drama, dance and even a Career Week. Visit the link for more information on our Mega Camp www.ablearningacademy.com/megacamp/


11. What are the requirements to join Ashley B’s?

Students are required to do a Math and English Assessment to determine eligibility to attend the school.


Once the standard is met, parents will be required to bring in the following document:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Past Report Cards
  • Identification Cards
  • Passport Photo
  • Any reports for learning disabilities
  • $500 Registration Fee

Students must also have a fully functional laptop or tablet device.


12. How can I register?

Step1- Contact Ms.Ashley Borris 727-7993 to express your child’s educational concerns.

Step2- You will be asked to come in and have a conversation with the child.

Step 3-Once the schools aligns with your values, student will be given an assessment.

Step 4-Parent provides the neccessary document to enroll the child/children.


13. How are payments to be made?

Payments can be made with either:

Option 1 – Payment Via Online Banking

Option 2 – Payment Via Fast Deposit at Republic Bank

Option 3 – Payment Via Paywise Agent (Trinidad and Tobago students only)

Option 4: Credit Card


14. What Classes does the Academy offer on a full time basis?

The Academy offer full time classes from 1st Year to Standard 5 and Form 1 to Form 2. Our teachers ensure they cover the entire curriculum and students are given individual attention as a private candidate.

Teachers also equip them with all the class notes, presentations and recordings that they need to pass their exams.  

15. How can I get more information?

You can call us at 727-7993 for more information.

I would like to thank the Academy for allowing my son Sohan to express himself. He is currently in the Std 2 full time classes and I have seen a signigficant change in his attitude towards his assignments. He has become more focused and goal oriented. He loves the online games for learning and learns alot. I am overjoyed that I made the right choice.


-Stacy Parent

Katelyn presents her Career as a DJ
Alyssa plants lettuce and tomatoes and track its growth progress

I like Ashley B’s because of my teachers. They make my work easy to understand. I like that we pray in the mornings, we also do quizzes in teams with my classmates. It’s so much fun!!!

– Alyssa Standard 2 Student