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MegaCamp 2022

As July/ August holidays are approaching, parents often wonder and begin frantically searching for anything possible and productive for their children to do during that time. If not, you get annoyed as they stay the two months looking at tv, Youtube and their heads stuck in devices playing an immeasurable
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Exam Season: 5 Ways to be a Supportive Parent

CXC Examinations are just mere weeks away and many of us may be either parent, guardian or even mentor to a teenager who is writing these exams come May. However, we all know that preparation for these exams begin well before the actual exam and for many students, preparation for
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Accounting: More applicable than you think!

My name is Giselle Mohess, the Principles of Business and Principles of Accounts teacher here at Ashley B’s Learning Academy. As an ACCA affiliate with an Msc in Professional Accountancy and an experienced tertiary and secondary school accounting teacher, accounting is in the blood in my veins. I would be
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For the love of Spanish! How to help your child learn a foreign language By: Ms. Terri Anderson

Today marks 25 years to the day that my Spanish teacher, Mr. Noville ushered me into the realm of the love of foreign language learning. Soon thereafter, Ms. Althea Lewis further groomed my passion and well, the rest is history! As the proud mother of two boys- ages 18 months
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5 ways to Balance your job and Online Schooling

By: Mr. Aaron Grant- Mathematics Teacher at Ashley B’s Are you currently working while studying? Well this blog is for you! Whether you are full-time or part-time, this blog will speak about balancing your job and schooling. Many of us, especially during this pandemic, have truly rediscovered the meaning of
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How to Improve Your Child’s Mental Health
By: Ms. Ashley Borris- Principal at Ashley B’s

Most parents try their best to provide their children with nutritious foods, with medical care, with clothing and shelter. But are we so focused of the physical well-being of our children that we do not pay much attention to their metal well-being? A child’s mental health is just as important as their
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