MegaCamp 2022

As July/ August holidays are approaching, parents often wonder and begin frantically searching for anything possible and productive for their children to do during that time. If not, you get annoyed as they stay the two months
looking at tv, Youtube and their heads stuck in devices playing an immeasurable amount of non-educational games. They also make all sorts of mess and get themselves in unnecessary trouble.

Parents, look no further! Ashley B’s Learning Academy can provide you with that ease of mind. Welcome to our Mega Camp 2022. Below is information on our amazing camp.

What is Mega Camp 2022?
Well, Mega Camp is an online/virtual educational camp. Students join sessions online (using Zoom) and engage in educational activities.

What is the age group of the camp?
The camp is for students in primary school. Campers will be split into groups of lower (Standard 1 – 3) and upper primary school (Standard 4 – 5)

When is the camp?
The camp starts on Monday 18th July, 2022 and ends on Friday 12th July, 2022. Sessions are from 10am to 3pm daily, Monday to Friday. Students have an hour lunch at 12pm to 1 pm.

What sort of activities will be done?
We provide educational activities with a fun twist. This year our theme is Mystery/Investigation. Students will explore the theme in the subject areas of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Cultural Studies.

What other extracurricular activities are there?
There is also Music, Art & Craft, Dance and PE at the camp.

Will there be any motivational and career activities at the camp?
Of course, we have a wide range of activities to holistically develop your child.
We have a trained professional coming to give counselling sessions, sessions on financial literacy, a motivational speaker and our Mega Career Week with many different professionals at the end of the camp.

Are the camp tutors trained to pull off all this work?
Our camp tutors are professionals in their fields. Many of them are teachers during the school term at Ashley B’s Learning Academy. These tutors are versed in technology for teaching and learning.

What do I need to get for my child for this camp?
All your child needs is a proper working laptop or tablet, clear working space on a table and a free area to exercise and do dance activities and a exciting attitude! Materials will be provided to the students. In fact, the materials will be delivered to your door.

What is the cost of the camp?
The cost of the camp is $800. We also offer an additional service called ONLINE MEGA CAMP + SEA Classes lessons – Math, English and Creative Writing (3 days a week) for SEA Students. That will be $1000

Is there a payment plan?
Sure there is. You can make two monthly payments of $400.

Is there a discount if I sign up another child?
Certainly, you get 10% discount when you register more than 1 child.

Will my child miss out if I dont register?
Yes, they certainly will. Sign them up, this experience is not one to miss!
We look forward to seeing your child/children at MEGA CAMP 2022. See them

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